A Journal of Transition to Primal Abundance

Monday, April 19, 2010

Well, change has come and the change is doing me GOOD! My last post had me including a little animal protein in the mix, and from that time till now, I saw such good results that I did a bit of research, well, more than just a "bit"; lots of internet surfing, reading, studying, more reading, experimenting daily with what I put in my mouth, and here's were I ended up: My vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan  friends might not be happy at what I found out, but all I can say is I gave it my best shot, my utmost effort, and still, had to come to the conclusion that I do not do well on a vegetarian/vegan diet. Am I still "raw"? Since most or all the veggies and fruits I eat are raw, I would say I fit a "high raw" category. What did I remove? I dumped the grains/legumes/most dairy/sugar/and processed foods derived from them. What did I add? All I added were organic/grass fed animal proteins: meat/game/poultry/fish/"omega 3" eggs. What this left me with was the best of all worlds: Eating fresh fruit/veggies, some nuts and seed, plenty of protein and good fats, and feeling better than I have since beginning this journey some years ago. I won't say that one size fits all. There are people who have done extremely well on a raw vegan diet, and I say more power to you! And since going in the direction I've been going in, I say more power to me too!