A Journal of Transition to Primal Abundance

Monday, February 05, 2007

...and yet another new year, new beginnings...

I haven't blogged on this post for over a year now, but thought I'd "catch up" if only briefly:
the scoop:
I've been on and off raw, back and forth, struggled with some health issues, and currently around 60-70% raw.
I've been more lenient with myself, more forgiving, less rigid.
I'm still tremendously enjoying being raw, and recently added more yoga and walking to my "health mix".
It's all good.
I had to stop eating raw for a period of months because I kept having severe stomach indigestion every time I tried. I think it was just a detoxification crisis, which for the time being is not happening at the present moment thankfully, so now I'm back to my yummy juices/salads/various and sundry delicious and raw recipes.

On the other hand here's something to consider:
We who are raw fooders have to take care to make sure our food is CLEAN and washed thoroughly.
With the recent spinach and lettuce scares it just makes sense.
As a matter of fact, raw vegan food poses more of a risk of being contaminated with organisms than other foods due to the fact that it is not cooked when eaten. Cooking is not recommended but, in this case a liberal use of the "parcells oxygen soak" is a daily must whenever bringing food home from market, or use the "wash" of your choice. Some people have used apple cider vinegar in their food wash water with good results.