A Journal of Transition to Primal Abundance

Thursday, July 01, 2004

It's been over a month since last posting here, due to having had a real setback in my pulmonary health. I was a bit discouraged. Couldn't go out walking, always out of breath, had to ratchet up my steroid intake to keep the lungs functioning, and when the steroids are increased, so goes my weight, but at least it wasn't that big a gain (5.5 kilos). It was still kind of disheartening. The silver lining was that in spite of this, I was able to keep eating 70% raw. Today is my first day back up to around 80% raw since the end of May.
Perhaps I will soon be walking my daily 5 kilometers again. Hope springs eternal...but then determination brings it to fruition!

Food eaten today:
1 large glass homemade iced tea (I've needed the caffeine lately to help with my breathing) with a little stevia.
"kitchen sink" salad, all raw ingredients, dressed with olive oil, lime juice and crushed garlic.
1 avocado.
1 grapefruit.
3 dates pitted and cut up and a handful of almonds.
Copious amounts of water on ice with a spritz of lime.