A Journal of Transition to Primal Abundance

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Another month gone bye de bye....
Right now I'm very busy cutting up our wonderful organic nectarines from the garden, a whole treefull to put in the freezer for winter. I know that some people say frozen isn't raw, but seeing as it would be a waste and we've given away all we could, I don't mind making this compromise.
This last month has been difficult physically (had to back off walking due to the asthma kicking in big time) but I persevere, still eating raw (70-80%) and enjoying it when I can breathe.
On the down side, I hate having to take steroids and all the side effects they have.
On the up side, I'm STILL RAW! Still persevering, and looking forward to getting over this hump and walking again.
Never give up! Never surrender!